Terms & Conditions


Sales Terms & Conditions

We want your auction experience at North American Glass to be as simple and convenient as possible. Your satisfaction is our top priority. By placing a bid, you acknowledge your full agreement with all sales terms included on this page.

Items are sold to the highest bidder. Bidding on an auction is done in specified increments. The user with the highest successful bid "wins" the auction. Our auctions utilize a Proxy Bidding system. The details about how bidding works, and information on minimum bidding increments, are covered below.

We use shared servers which may encounter downtime and browsing speed issues. To avoid missing out, we strongly recommend that you place your bid early in the auction. The proxy bidding system will not reveal your maximum bid amount to other bidders, and will place bids at the minimum increments as needed during the progress of the auction. In this way you will avoid problems from trying to scramble near the close of the auction.

In the rare case of internet or server downtime problems or extreme website server slowness near the conclusion of the auction, we may choose to re-open the bidding and/or extend the auction. In this case only, any emails notifying winning bidders of auction results are null and void for those affected auctions. No auction is complete or final until the winning bidder receives a manually-emailed billing invoice for that item from North American Glass.

The "10-Minute Rule". If a snipe bid is placed (bid placed very near the end of the auction) the auction ending time is automatically extended (typically by 10 minutes). The auction time extensions will continue for that lot until no further bids are placed.


Minimum Bidding Increments
1.00 to 25.00..... increments of 1.00
25.00 to 100.00.....increments of 5.00
100.00 to 250.00.....increments of 10.00
250.00 to 500.00.....increments of 25.00
500.00 to 2500.00.....increments of 50.00
2500.00 to 10000.00.....increments of 100.00
10000.00 and up.....increments of 250.00


Our auctions use a Proxy Bid system. For an item that already has bids, the minimum bid that you may place is one bid increment (see table above) over the current selling price. However, beyond that amount, we do not require your additional bid amount to be aligned with any pre-set increment. This can result in outbidding another member by as little as one cent, or being outbid by as little as one cent. To understand how this occurs, please read on. Various bidding scenarios are common, such as.....let's say you are placing a bid on a lot that already has bids, and is currently at 1005.00. The minimum increment to advance the bid is 50.00, so therefore the lowest acceptable bid that you can place is 1055.00. But of course you may choose to place a proxy bid of any amount higher than 1055.00. So let's say you choose to place a proxy bid of 1056.00. The new current selling price is then determined by the proxy bid amount that was previously placed by the other bidder. It might be that the other bidder had placed a proxy bid of 10,000.00 (in that case you are outbid and the new selling price is now 1106.00). Or, it might be that the other bidder's maximum proxy bid was 1005.00 (in that case you will be the new top bidder at 1055.00). Or, it might be that the other bidder's maximum proxy bid was 1056.01 (in that case you are outbid by one cent, and the current selling price is 1156.01). All of these scenarios are very common, and happen hundreds of times across the various lots during the course of the auction. In the case of a tie bid, the earlier bidder is considered the high bidder.

Payment is due immediately upon close of the auction. If full payment is not received promptly, the purchase contract may be voided at the discretion of North American Glass, and the item(s) offered to others or otherwise disposed. 

We accept payment drawn on US banks in the form of personal check, money order, cashiers check, as well as wire transfer or US currency. In some cases we also accept Credit Cards and PayPal. If you do not see the option for electronic payment in your emailed invoice statement, this means credit card or Paypal payment is not an option. In that case, please pay by one of the other methods outlined above. For personal checks, we may choose to wait for bank clearance prior to shipping your items.

A note about international transactions: we can accept non-US bank drafts only if the amount exceeds 400.00 US Dollars. The check shall be drafted in US dollar currency. Otherwise international purchases may be paid via Wire Transfer or US Bank Draft. For small purchases by non-US bidders (under 400.00 USD invoice amount) we can accept electronic payment by Paypal.

For accounts not paid in full within 14 days of the invoice date, the buyer agrees to pay a non-refundable storage fee of 1/10th of 1% per day, of the unpaid invoice. The storage fee for overdue accounts begins to accrue 14 days after the invoice date, and continues to accrue until the full balance due is paid.

A 13% buyers premium applies to items that you win. So for example if your winning bid on an item is 50.00, the buyer's premium is 6.50, bringing the total item price to 56.50, which is reflected on your invoice. A discount is available (domestic only) if full payment is made with cash, personal check, or money order. This discount for domestic orders is 2.5% off the total invoice amount.

As a Registered Retail Merchant in the state of Indiana, state law requires that we collect 7% sales tax for items shipped to Indiana residents, and for items picked up at our location here in Indiana, or delivered to any location within Indiana. If you are an Indiana Registered Retail Merchant buying for resale, send us a completed exemption form to be exempt from sales tax.

You may pick up any items that you win by making arrangements in advance. There is no charge for this service. We will ship any item that we sell, unless specified otherwise on the listing page. We pride ourselves in careful, safe, and fast shipping. We ship all items via the US Postal Service. This is the only carrier we use and do not offer shipping by any other carrier such as Fedex or UPS. In most cases, you pay a preset flat rate cost for shipping (see item page for specifics), plus insurance cost (based on the insured value)....there is no additional handling charge. For heavier items, shipping cost will be based on weight, size, and your zip code. If you purchase multiple items, we are more than happy to ship them together and save you money on postal fees.

Your satisfaction is important to us. For some items, we may offer a return privilege if the item is found to be mis-catalogued. North American Glass will be the sole and final judge in matters of accepting or denying any request to return an item. Contact us within 72 hours of receipt to request a return authorization. Tel: 812.466.6521. All sales become final at the conclusion of the 72-hour inspection period. This 72-hour period begins at the time of delivery as recorded by the electronic shipment tracking. We do not accept returns for any reason, for items which have been described as having any defect, major or minor, as outlined in detail in the next section below.

Some items offered for bid have minor or major damage or flaws, and are never returnable for any reason. Note that any auction lot described with the following terms, or plural forms thereof: "nick", "chip", "flake", "bruise", "starred pot stone", "radiation", "leg", "flash", "fissure", "crow's foot", "fish-eye", "broken", "repair", "buffed", "crack", "damage", "ding", "ping", "hairline", "roughness", "burst bubble", "open bubble", "broken bubble", "haze", "wear", "worn", "scratch", "scuff", "manufacturer's flaw", "under-fill", and any/all other terms used to describe exceptions to flawless condition, is offered as-is, and is not returnable....always bid accordingly. Any defect pictured or not pictured may be larger or smaller than it appears or is described, and there may be other larger or smaller defects not pictured and not described. By placing a bid on such an item, you acknowledge your understanding and agreement with this term of sale, along with all other sales terms in this section.

Although extremely rare, shipping damage or lost packages can occur. Except for the most inexpensive items, postal insurance is mandatory for all purchases. If you were to discover shipping damage, please kindly save all packaging materials, and contact us immediately.